Video: The American Bulldog Snoring In Our Studio

Working in our studio tonight...trying to do some voice-over work...the American Bulldog is on his dog bed in the studio...he's helping out by snoring :-)

Video: Our American Bulldog saying "hello" to the neighbors

One of our American Bulldog's favorite things is to say, "hello" to the neighbor's dogs. Our 120 pound boy bounces up and down and runs the fence line. This evening fun went on for at least 10 minutes.

VIDEO: Grazing Florida Gopher Tortoise

This afternoon we had a visitor in the backyard...a Florida Gopher Tortoise. They occasionally "homestead" in the front or backyard. This one is visiting and grazing. We don't bother the gopher tortoises. Please do not feed them or pick them up (only move them if they are in the road and place them to the side they were heading towards).

VIDEO: Our Redfoot Tortoise Happy

Our redfoot tortoise enjoyed his afternoon walk in the Florida sunshine. You can hear the happiness by his chirping.

VIDEO: American Bulldog Snoring On His Sofa

This afternoon I found the American Bulldog snoring on "his" sofa. He "customized" this old couch to his liking.

VIDEO: Redfoot Tortoise Takes A Quick Snack

Our redfoot tortoise grabbing a quick snack this afternoon during his walk in the Florida sun.

VIDEO: Chirping Redfoot Tortoise

Our redfoot tortoise enjoyed his walk this afternoon in the Florida sun. You can hear the happiness...he's chirping!

VIDEO: Alligators Crocodiles and Reptiles

We visited Gatorland in Orlando, Florida today. Here are some of the alligators/crocodiles/reptiles and wildlife we saw at this beautiful Central Florida attraction.

VIDEO: Baby/Juvenile Gators and more at Gatorland Orlando, Florida

We visited Gatorland in Orlando, Florida today. Here are some baby/juvenile alligators along with an albino turtle and alligator.

VIDEO: Vulture/Buzzard Action At Gatorland Orlando, Florida

We visited Gatorland in Orlando, Florida today. Here is some bird/vulture/buzzard action.

VIDEO: Galapagos tortoise

We visited Gatorland in Orlando, Florida today. We stopped by to see the Galapagos tortoise and saw a feeding.

VIDEO: Gopher Tortoise

Doing some outdoor work this afternoon in Central Florida I noticed a visitor...a gopher tortoise. They occasionally homestead in our yard. Please don't disturb them...don't feed them or touch/pick up (only pick them up to move out of a road and move them to safety to the direction they were heading).

Red Foot Tortoise Walk In The Florida Sunshine

Beautiful day in Central Florida. Our red-foot tortoise enjoyed an extended peaceful walk in the warm afternoon sunshine. You might hear our tort "chirping" (that means he is happy).